I have been receiving training and coaching from Saffron for over a year now, her training is refreshing, intriguing and very up to date with the latest trends and needs in organisations. The coaching that I have received from Saffron is life changing. From the very first session up to now, I have experienced positive changes, which includes increased self-awareness, assertiveness and a positive outlook on life. Saffron has the experience to assist with any work or personal situation and she made me feel very at ease from the start.

Sumadi Theron

ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) Human Resources Academy

I just want to take this opportunity to tell you that after all my years in this industry I have been to many conferences and listened to an array of speakers and (Saffron was) in a league of (her) own.  (She) has an incredibly beautiful “aura” (for want of a better word) and a genuineness and “love” that is rare. Chris Bam

Manager of C&C Vryheid, Masscash

“The course was eye opening for me and it was such great self-discovery. I can now understand people that I interact with daily and be able to respond appropriately. Saffron is very good and knows her subject matter. She was also able to connect her training to the outside world”

Lungi Madlanga


I have received tremendous value from the coaching session I had with Saffron. I was just wondering whether these coaching sessions are long term, and when we will have our next training session with her.

Some of the take-aways I received are more insight into sources of certain behaviours that I demonstrate, things that I need to be aware of when interacting with people, how to relax and be present in varying situations and how to tap into my current resources to maintain resilience.

Nyaradzo Chidyamakono

HR Consultant, Arcelor Mittal South Africa

Brilliant! Learned so much from (the Enneagram) it’s something that will stay with me for the rest of my life. It changed my marriage, work relationships with colleagues and best of all I know now my life purpose and to utilise the Enneagram to achieve that.

Ilke Beukes

ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) Human Resources Academy

I have learned so much from Saffron every single time that I’ve interacted with her. She changed my life.

Sumadi Theron

ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) Human Resources Academy

“From start to finish you are hooked onto everything Saffron has to say. Saffron’s passion for developing people is infectious and inspirational. Saffron creates a safe environment where you not only feel comfortable sharing, but more importantly, want to share. She constantly challenges and pushes you to go beyond your previous way of thinking. Saffron is very professional in her approach.

I personally left every session feeling on top of the world, and filled with a sense of self-belief and self-worth. Every session was fun and thought provoking, and I looked forward to every session we had knowing that I was taking steps to own my personal development. Knowing that you have a person like Saffron who is also deeply invested in your own development inspires you to push yourself and the boundaries even more!
Saffron has helped me to gain a new perspective on life and who I am as a person, I have been fortunate to develop a greater sense of appreciation for the life I have lives so far, for the family and friends that surround me, and the opportunities I have been blessed with! I will forever be grateful to Saffron for the opportunity she gave to me to work with her, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.
Thank you.”
JP Roberts

Financial Manager: Retail Operations, The Spar Group Ltd

It was worth my time and the best training I have ever attended. (Saffron) is the most amazing human being I have ever come across in my life. I am very grateful to country club to have given me the chance because if not I would never have met her.
Sonia Katamunua

Legacy Hotel Group

This training educates with skills and motivation and makes you improve what you are doing and do better. (Saffron) is very kind and she knows her job and she is professional. She has the skills to share with us all.
John Kavau

Legacy Hotel Group

“The training was great, very informative. I am going to use the insights that I have gained through the training”

Rhulani Ntutu


“The training was very informative. The day as a whole was very useful as it touched on many different aspects. This will help me at work by helping me understand individuals on a deeper level. Saffron was brilliant”

Lee-Anne Mitchell


“Saffron was totally amazing, wish we had more time with her”

Young Talent Program

Arcelor Mittal

“The course really showed me a good strategy and system to apply to presenting no matter the situation, it will help me with presentations that I need to make to my team, managers and clients but also with the day to day of dealing with people in general”

Nic Hanafey

Product Developer, Sage Alchemex

It has been extremely insightful and left me just wanting to know more and more.

Llewella du Plooy


(The Enneagram) was a life-changing tool that I will take with me. (Saffron) is a real person who genuinely cares. I treasure her.

Nomsa Hlahane

ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) Human Resources Academy

It was fantastic. Better than any other. Saffron is amazing!

Rene Louw

Legacy Hotel Group

(This training) will help with my personal life and work life. It will help me to stay positive when facing difficult colleagues and clients and people in general. (Saffron) is a good listener, she paid attention to all even when some felt that what they were saying might be wrong.

Salien Steyl

Legacy Hotel Group

This was an exciting course with so much that I have learned. (This will help me) to be more passionate about what I am doing. Listening more, to sell the best product ever, The Legacy Way. Saffron is amazing, smart, funny. Joy to listen to. She cares about others and is very passionate about her work.

Beulah Werth

Legacy Hotel Group

The training was great and helpful for me as a person. Saffron is full of love.

Dawn Bock

Legacy Hotel Group

“The training was ‘very very informative and eye-opening. It did tap into the unconscious side and woke it up, (and this) will surely make use in my day to day life. Thank you so much Saffron, you are a talented and vibrant facilitator – keep up the good work”

Thabani Moyo


“The training was great and I have learnt a lot about myself. I found how the body, mind and heart work together most interesting. I can now understand my colleagues without judging them. Saffron is the best”

Lulu Rutu Mabutha


“The training was great and informative. In growing a team it is important to understand people. Saffron was fantastic and this was the second time I have been part of this training and I forgot how interesting it is. Thanks”

Sarah Lowe


“The training was informative, value adding and mind opening. I can now understand my customers and colleagues better and take into consideration their characters. Saffron is energetic, informative and knowledgeable”

Julian Mochitele


“The training was informative, interesting and fun. I need to find my superpower. Saffron was versatile and awesome”

Melissa De Sa


“This training was very informative. The entire day provided clarity about personalities in life. Saffron is very talented”

See-Anne Ramsuran


“This course was awesome and so fulfilling and interesting. Finding out what Enneagram number I am was most useful, this is a great tool to learn more about myself. I can identify strengths and weaknesses of self and others and I can utilise this in a healthy way. Saffron is amazing”

Nikita Lee


The training was fun, amazing, educational. I learned a lot of the course. It really helped me see things from a different angle. I am so ready to practice it every day and work on my personal life. The attitude you have determines your altitude so your attitude is very important. I am now positive more than ever, I’ve got to love what I do and if you love something you give it your all. Saffron is amazing, thank you so much for being an eye-opener. I needed this more than you can imagine, I love your energy.
Vicky Tjihumino

Legacy Hotel Group

“This course was very enlightening and interesting. The most useful thing was understanding the core beliefs and behaviour motivators. This will assist me to be more aware of the different individuals in my team and also how to relate to them in the best possible way every day. Saffron is good”

Nolutando Tswina


“Saffron integrates personal development via the Enneagram with key business skills which makes her an extremely effective trainer, one who will design and deliver bespoke programs that have immediate and sustainable impacts on staff at all levels in your organisation.”

Mike Nel

Training Manager, Spar Group

“This course was interesting and Saffron was brilliant”

Hector Pandelane


Fantastic and will be able to use (the Enneagram) everywhere, workplace and personal life. Saffron is the most energetic and knowledgeable facilitator that ever trained our group.

Maritjie Scott

ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) Human Resources Academy

Very insightful and extremely interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Nothing but positive outcomes for me!! Excited to start integrating what I’ve learned into my work and personal life

Dieshree Kandan


This training will help me at work because I can sell the product more, understand my colleagues more and the needs of the guests so I can generate more revenue. (Saffron) is fun and full of energy, she knows what she is doing and is very positive. Lovely person to work with.

Maureen Gaeb

Legacy Hotel Group

(This training) was transforming, it really helps you connect with parts of yourself you were trying to ignore and in doing so it gave me a new lease on life. (It will help me) in numerous ways with my work load, conflict amongst colleagues and other aspects of self development. (Saffron) is friendly, professional and approachable. The impact she has on people is amazing and she does so by admitting to flaws – that’s super!

Audrey Lambert

Legacy Hotel Group

“This was very insightful and mind blowing. The whole day as it unravelled each personality type and behaviour was useful. Understanding the way in which team members behave and how to handle them will really help me at work. Saffron is excellent”

Phillip Grobler


“It was very interesting, learnt a lot about myself and about others. I absolutely enjoyed the whole day. Thank you”

Hayley Fourie


“The course was absolutely awesome. Understanding waht makes other people tick and learning about personalities was most useful. I will be able to treat people differently. Saffron is very entertaining and knowledgeable and keeps you interested”

Lorraine Van Der Merwe


“The training was very informative. I have identified my true personality and this is very important to me. I will now try and accommodate other people around me. Saffron is energetic, knowledgeable and friendly”

Lucky Ngwenya


“(Saffron) is excellent, knowledgeable and energetic. She has a passion for her work as a trainer. She really can make a change in someone’s life. (The training) will help me as I now know my role in the business… and personal development makes me contribute towards business development”
Cynthia Lukubwe

Legacy Hotel Group, Windhoek

“Saffron is amazing and I got to be reminded me of who I am. I got to see each of my colleagues with the Enneagram. I will have to teach myself to love myself to allow me to relax”

Sammy Ndzinisa


“The training was excellent. I found how to analyse my strengths and weaknesses most interesting. Saffron is very knowledgeable on the subject”

Jaco Dreyer


The training was helpful especially about connections and the importance of connecting with your guest. (Saffron) is really inspiring and helps you to help yourself. I have learned a lot actually regarding personal feelings and about business development.
Thusnelda Araes

Legacy Hotel Group

“The course was well presented and gave a lot of insights on the type of people we deal with and meet in every day life. It has definitely helped has and will improve the way I deal with my peers at work. Saffron is well groomed in the field and passionate about her work”

S. Dyas


“Saffron was a complete hit, warming the crowd as soon as she stepped on stage. She was phenomenal. You could hear a pin drop in the room as the audience hung onto every word.”

Traci Freeman

Rockefeller Foundation

“This lady is amazing, very patient, humble and professional”