From Friday the 4th of November to Monday the 7th of November Saffron was in Namibia with the Legacy Hotel Group.  The training was called ‘Leading the Legacy Way’ which is all about how we need to be the leaders of revenue generation by being emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent.

What it teaches us is that you cannot have business development without personal development.

Photos with the team

Feedback from the session:

“(Saffron) is excellent, knowledgeable and energetic. She has a passion for her work as a trainer. She really can make a change in someone’s life. (The training) will help me as I now know my role in the business… and personal development makes me contribute towards business development”

Cynthia Lukubwe

Legacy Hotel Windhoek

Dawn Bock

“The training was great and helpful for me as a person. Saffron is full of love”

Beulah Werth

“This was an exciting course with so much that I have learned. (This will help me) to be more passionate about what I am doing. Listening more, to sell the best product ever, The Legacy Way. Saffron is amazing, smart, funny. Joy to listen to. She cares about others and is very passionate about her work”

Vicky Tjihumino

“The training was fun, amazing, educational. I learned a lot of the course. It really helped me see things from a different angle. I am so ready to practice it every day and work on my personal life. The attitude you have determines your altitude so your attitude is very important. I am now positive more than ever, I’ve got to love what I do and if you love something you give it your all. Saffron is amazing, thank you so much for being an eye-opener. I needed this more than you can imagine, I love your energy”

John Kavau

“This training educates with skills and motivation and makes you improve what you are doing and do better. (Saffron) is very kind and she knows her job and she is professional. She has the skills to share with us all”

Salien Steyl

“(This training) will help with my personal life and work life. It will help me to stay positive when facing difficult colleagues and clients and people in general. (Saffron) is a good listener, she paid attention to all even when some felt that what they were saying might be wrong”

Maureen Gaeb

“This training will help me at work because I can sell the product more, understand my colleagues more and the needs of the guests so I can generate more revenue. (Saffron) is fun and full of energy, she knows what she is doing and is very positive. Lovely person to work with”

Thusnelda Araes

“The training was helpful especially about connections and the importance of connecting with your guest. (Saffron) is really inspiring and helps you to help yourself. I have learned a lot actually regarding personal feelings and about business development”

Sonia Katamunua

“It was worth my time and the best training I have ever attended. (Saffron) is the most amazing human being I have ever come across in my life. I am very grateful to country club to have given me the chance because if not I would never have met her”

Audrey Lambert

“(This training) was transforming, it really helps you connect with parts of yourself you were trying to ignore and in doing so it gave me a new lease on life. (It will help me) in numerous ways with my work load, conflict amongst colleagues and other aspects of self development. (Saffron) is friendly, professional and approachable. The impact she has on people is amazing and she does so by admitting to flaws – that’s super”

Rene Louw

“It was fantastic. Better than any other. Saffron is amazing”