Saffron was with the Italtile team on Monday the 14th of November.  The team did the Enneagram with her and gained a lot of useful insights.

Photo of the team

Feedback from the session

“The training was excellent. I found how to analyse my strengths and weaknesses most interesting. Saffron is very knowledgeable on the subject”

Jaco Dreyer


“The training was very informative. I have identified my true personality and this is very important to me. I will now try and accommodate other people around me. Saffron is energetic, knowledgeable and friendly”

Lucky Ngwenya


“The training was great and informative. In growing a team it is important to understand people. Saffron was fantastic and this was the second time I have been part of this training and I forgot how interesting it is. Thanks”

Sarah Lowe


“It was very interesting, learnt a lot about myself and about others. I absolutely enjoyed the whole day. Thank you”

Hayley Fourie


“The training was informative, value adding and mind opening. I can now understand my customers and colleagues better and take into consideration their characters. Saffron is energetic, informative and knowledgeable”

Julian Mochitele


“The training was great and I have learnt a lot about myself. I found how the body, mind and heart work together most interesting. I can now understand my colleagues without judging them. Saffron is the best”

Lulu Rutu Mabutha


“The training was ‘very very informative and eye-opening. It did tap into the unconscious side and woke it up, (and this) will surely make use in my day to day life. Thank you so much Saffron, you are a talented and vibrant facilitator – keep up the good work”

Thabani Moyo


“The course was eye opening for me and it was such great self-discovery. I can now understand people that I interact with daily and be able to respond appropriately. Saffron is very good and knows her subject matter. She was also able to connect her training to the outside world”

Lungi Madlanga