Horse Sense: A Winning Combination

There exists a deep spiritual connection between humans and horses. Being emotional, intelligent and social creatures, a horse is the perfect mirror for human emotions. Working with horses can help you better understand and express yourself in all situations.

My Experiential Horse Sense Workshop, which is held at Lethabo Estate near Lanseria, helps you stretch psychologically and experience trust as you play with the horses and master their language.

You will learn how to manage uncomfortable feelings, set healthy boundaries, experience consensual leadership, and create ‘win-win’ relationships through the non-verbal and empathic language of horses.

Working with horses alters human brainwave patterns. Explaining why so many psychologists have thrown their weight behind equine therapies The Guardian quotes American horse trainer Franklin Levinson as saying: “It has been clinically documented that just being around horses changes human brainwave patterns. We calm down and become more focused … Horses are naturally empathetic. The members of the herd feel what is going on for the other members of the herd.”

Equine-assisted therapies work well because nobody is indifferent to horses; people either love them or fear them, so that’s two big emotions that immediately reflect what most of life’s issues revolve around.

The Horse Sense Workshop will teach you to:

  • Identify and manage difficult feelings under pressure
  • Set boundaries
  • Communicate non-verbally
  • Establish Trust
  • Become proficient in the “Leadership, Followership” dance

Horse therapy is not new: the Greeks documented the horse’s therapeutic value in 600BC and French physician Cassaign concluded in 1875 that equine therapy helped certain neurological disorders.

Although my Horse Sense workshops can be offered as an individual package, it is important to note that they are also a perfect compliment to the Enneagram workshops.

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