Facilitated Workshops

My facilitated workshops typically engage up to 20 people at a time. They vary in length according to budget and time frames and can be offered as half, full or multi-day workshops. These programs are designed according to the cleints needs.

Please note that each of these overviews can be a stand-alone module attached to a technical skills program or a development program that is offered by your organisation. They can be offered as a course on their own or they can be offered together as a complete program.

Any of the content that I offer can either be delivered in a classroom style facilitation or in a group session. This purely depends on whether or not delegates have time to be out of the office for solid days.

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The Enneagram

What’s Your Style ?

What’s your distinction at work and how are you going to obtain that distinction?

Why are some companies or teams more successful than others? What really differentiates you or your brand in a crowded market? What is it that really makes us reach our potential and fulfill whatever our ambition is, so that we can feel successful?

Disruptions, breakdowns, a lack of motivation and the retention of the right staff is less to do with the things we blame non-performance on, and a lot more to do with a lack of quality social connections.

This fun and inspirational keynote provides an understanding on how to build a team that will thrive in a competitive workplace simply by knowing and understanding their own style.

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Enneagram over 5 Days

If we observe ourselves truthfully and non-judgmentally, seeing the mechanisms of our personality in action, we can wake up, and our lives can be a miraculous unfolding of beauty and joy.
Don Richard Riso, The Wisdom of the Enneagram

The five days of the Enneagram includes:

Day One – Discover Your Type

Day Two – How to Use the Enneagram Practically

Day Three – Centres of Intelligence, a Deeper Look at Me

Day Four – Enneagram Harmonics, Understanding Others

Day Five – Process Enneagram, Understanding How The Whole System Can Use The Enneagram For Purpose or Strategy Navigation

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Enneagram Showcase

The immediate goal (in learning the Enneagram) is to recognise the inner patterns that drive your outer behaviour. These patterns vary according to the type of person you are, and can be internally witnessed.
Helen Palmer, Global Expert on the Enneagram

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Meet the Milennial

In the context of a competitive and transparent economy undergoing huge change:

  • What is going to make you, your team or your organisation stand out?
  • Why would your employees or your consumers stay loyal to you, your brand, your company or company ‘rules’?
  • How are you going to know which rules for success need changing and which can remain the same?
  • Do you really understand your employees and your consumers in terms of how they communicate and connect based on their generation?
  • What motivates your talent?
  • What is the best way to retain good talent?
  • Does your organisational culture or environment inspire engagement from everyone with diverse perspectives?

Understanding that people have fundamentally different values and outlooks on life that are influenced by the era in which they were born, is the basis of this workshop. Here, we learn how to understand the use of the generation theory in optimising diversity, creating employee engagement, navigating change, implementing company strategy and fostering team collaboration within organisations today. During this workshop, I deliver a fun history lesson and then offer suggestions on what kind of environment each individual organisation should foster.

Lots of fun and incredibly valuable.

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Managing Multi-Generational Workplaces

Do you find yourself in a position where there is not only a cohort of young adults playing by ‘different’ rules all around you, but your boss is younger than you are and you are having to give instructions to somebody who looks like they may be the same age as your parents?

Do any of the organisational rules, values, ideas and structures really baffle or, worse, bug you? Are you aware that there could be more employee engagement, more efficient communication, fewer silos, more collaboration, more responsibility taken, more sales made, etc.? However, are you unsure how to get there?

This workshop guides delegates towards insights on how to get the best out of each person based on their generation. Proving that generational diversity makes a team stronger!

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Working in an Awakened Company

The impact of global change cannot be ignored by anybody, any company or by any sector. It doesn’t matter whether you are an innovative start-up company or a globally established brand- life and business are unpredictable, which leaves people feeling uncertain. I focus on how this global change might impact one’s productivity within a business, specifically in terms of how they think, feel and behave.

I am passionate about creating ‘awakened companies’ where people are the focus in collaborative communities for sustainable growth. An Awakened Company is one where employees are self-motivated and fully engaged within their work environment. Neuro-scientific research shows us that emotions drive our behaviour, which is why creating a context where employees are ‘awake’ to themselves and others is imperative for any business to thrive.

Imagine working in a workplace where confident, articulate, self-reliant, solution-orientated, curious, creative, collaborative thinkers make up the majority of the workforce? This would facilitate the creation of a much more productive workplace, where employees are fully engaged.

Let me help you create the context.

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Leadership Lab

He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander

What we have learned through experience about leaders is that they are busy! Whether they are future leaders and are part of a talent pipeline, or whether they are current leaders needing navigation for the best way forward in turbulent times, we have created a perfect structure for truly engaging with leadership.

I have strategically planned a 10-week process whereby delegates are only required to be in contact with the facilitator for 60 to 90-minutes at a time over a 10 week period. This ensures that the delegates benefit from the depth of the conversation over 10 weeks whilst not having to take too much time out of their productive work day. In the 10 weeks, delegates will be exposed to presentations, group-coaching sessions and conversations around case studies relevant to their industry; and will be given articles to read or perhaps even small assignments to complete in between conversations. This allows for the sharing and assimilation of information and discussion time, which results in practical application and sustainability.

In compliment to this journey, I also provide online coaching through the use of an internationally accredited personal development assessment.

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Leading High Performance Teams

“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander” Aristotle

Have you ever been frustrated because your team doesn’t seem to be achieving the results they should be?

Are you always a little behind target or desperately scrambling for ways to meet your targets in time?

Are you ever putting out fires because there is insufficient communication, collaboration or connection in your team?

Is the leader of the team over-burdened or micro-managing so that there is very little commitment to projects or goals that the team needs to obtain or complete?

Is accountability a problem within the team?

Do you ever feel like you don’t actually get to have a say and can you at times feel disheartened or demotivated by how you don’t seem to matter?

If you have answered yes or maybe to any of the above questions, your team may be dysfunctional and not in a position to reach desired results as situations get tougher and business success gets more complicated.

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Meaningful Mentorship

We’ve got the global economy, the Internet, and downsizing and restructuring all coming together in a furious blend. It’s a hard fact of business life we’d all better get used to because it’s here to stay. In this decidedly turbulent atmosphere, unsuspecting managers and anxious employees alike are fearful about what the future holds. The future, however, is daunting only for those who don’t fully appreciate that these tumultuous twenty-first-century business realities can in fact be harnessed. Tamed, that is, by a fresh way of thinking and managing people called… mentoring.
Nicholas Nigro, Mentor, Coach and Author

I have vast experience in designing and rolling out formal mentorship programs through a series of mentor and mentee facilitation sessions, which will then see mentor and mentee pairings engaging in a yearlong relationship. This includes pre program facilitation to provide the tools for a sustainable mentorship relationship as well as support facilitation throughout the program to introduce new concepts or developmental content.

  • Understanding of what mentorship is and how it works
  • Establishing a set of key skills needed to be an effective mentor or mentee
  • Improved self-awareness and communication skills needed in order to maintain a mentorship relationship
  • The development of a practical personal development plan as a mentee
  • Professional development and improved succession planning
  • Personal development for both mentees and mentors
  • Creating genuine relationships across differing levels of your organisation
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Workforce communities, the beginning of an ‘awakened company’
  • Strengthened teamwork/ collaboration
  • Strengthened organisational culture

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Impactful Presenting
  • Do you want to improve your presentation skills because you have to convey information publicly in meetings or to groups?
  • Do you want to improve your interactions with others in meetings?
  • Are you interested in improving your personal image or brand?
  • Do you simply want to improve your confidence at work?
  • Do you want to engage with your teams more effectively?

Knowing how to apply information and knowing how to pass information on, succinctly, is a key differentiator in the business arena today. This full day course promises to assist with taking your presentation skills from ‘the page to the stage’ because information is memorable when it means something to the audience. Delegates are also asked to prepare a short presentation and are given 60-minutes individual coaching after the one-day course so that they can immediately apply what they have learned.

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Renewing Your Self Esteem

We can not turn to any government to lead us to ‘salvation’, nor can we rely on religious institutions, trade unions or indeed the local or global organisation for which we work to solve our problems or keep us safe. No one is coming to our rescue, and for the first time in 40 years at least, the systems that we surround ourselves with (our families, corporate organisations, educational institutions, economies, society at large) are volatile at best and unsustainable at worst. We are living in a working world where being able to rely on one’s self and one’s inner resources has become imperative. Only when we can become self-reliant, ironically, can we truly learn to collaborate with others, which is necessary when information and technical demands on people are at their peak.

This course is best designed with a particular focus in mind such as assertive communication, conflict resolution, team-building, change management, improved communication in call centres and more. Contact me about finding out how your organisation or department could benefit from a custom-designed program built around the principles of building self-esteem.

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