Saffron Baggallay

About ME

For 20 years Sociologist and master behaviorist Saffron Baggallay has helped her clients overcome their limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging habits and build high-performance teams. Saffron has consistently been described as effective, engaging, authentic, and compassionate. Saffron’s knowledge, expertise and experience perfectly qualifies her to bring you and your teams the skills needed to future-proof your organisation.

As a sociologist Saffron specialises in understanding how global change impacts people’s productivity across all business sectors today. Saffron’s keynotes unpack what impact change has on people’s productivity at work at a high level, and they suggest ideas on how employees can respond to change positively. Saffron also designs bespoke facilitated workshops which will provide your employees with knowledge, skills and tools to practically assist them with their own personal development so that they can remain or become engaged at work in the face of uncertainty.

Saffron uses her coaching knowledge and experience to then support people  through their own personal process of transformation and growth. Research shows that ‘training’ is not sustainable unless their is consistent support (through coaching) provided for a period of time after the training.

Leadership development program

Managing multi-generational workplaces
Management growth program
Emotional and social intelligence program (personal development)

Please note that the facilitated workshops are modular and can be knitted together to form a specifically-designed or created program for your needs.

Saffron has a BA (Hons) Sociology and Philosophy from Trinity College Dublin (1998) and a MADA from WITS (2006) where she specialised in identity theory. Saffron has a special interest in how identity theory can be used to assist organisations to understand talent diversity from a generation, gender, socio-economic and personality-type perspective, in particular.

Saffron also has a coaching qualification through Results Coaching; and a coaching qualification which specifically uses the Enneagram. She uses this to help organisations understand how different personality profiles, inside departments, or as an organisation as a whole, can impact productivity.

Because of her many years as a teacher Saffron has an extensive understanding of Generation Y, which she uses to assist organisations in better managing their workforce and understanding their new consumers. She also includes this knowledge in her mentorship programs.

Saffron works in the consulting, coaching, presentation and facilitation space, where she focuses on how individuals and organisations can become more self-motivated and productive in order to cope with the challenges and responsibilities associated with a rapidly changing world.

A lot of her experience has centred around helping people cope with having to take on roles they ‘didn’t sign up to do’ within the context of a connection economy. For example, teaching technically proficient professionals how to be effective managers of people.

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